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jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013

Aqua Bubbles

She (a bubble world)

She is wild but romantic
She speaks nonsense 
but she’s funny
She has a free soul,
But she falls in love too fast
Making a slave of herself.

She doesn’t speak out her mind
She usually keeps in silence,
 Letting her thoughts be free.
She looks for that perfect blue prince
The one she heard in Spanish fairy tales.
She’s a child in a woman’s body.

She still has that naive look
She’s neither beautiful nor ugly,
She wonders what beauty really is.
She gives up before she tries.
And let things pass by.
Still she is a girl with dreams.

She sings with a marvelous tone,
 her voice is like sugary melody.
And some have been enthralled 
by her walking attitude.
She smiles hiding deep fears
But she knows she’s a strong soul.

She is confident and trustful
But she sometimes can be a hater.
She believes in people
but let down easily.
She is a special human being.
She can give more than she receives.

She is the girl in a bubble world.
(By Ruth Miranda)

viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

Facebook Promo

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jueves, 8 de agosto de 2013

Verde Esperanza


On the green, green farm
In green, green Monroe Louisiana
So green, green
Wet-luscious green and alive
So green after the rain
So bright green and clean
Just passing through
On my way to tomorrow
But so green today and yesterday
It was on that stranger's green, green farm
And I didn't stay long
And I didn't expect someone
To fire that shotgun right next to me
The barrel pointed out the front door
Into that green, green world beyond.
There were hot springs
On the green, green farm
In green, green Monroe Louisiana
Back in 1973. 
-Black lava stone beads

-Tourmalinated quartz stone

Hooks are sterling silver (925)
*Hoops: 30mm/1.18 inches
*Earrings itself: 56mm/2.2 in